Shenzhen Bailebao Biological Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd.
R & D Center

R & D and innovation capabilities are the core competitiveness of modern high-tech enterprises. Based on the world's leading R & D platform, Barry Bao has established a stable R & D team with complete division of functions, long-term strategic planning, and advanced equipment and facilities.

R&D Center R & D Center
TC Technology Development Center TC
AC Analytical Research Center AC
SC Technical Support Center SC
PC Project Management Center PC

Bailebao has a clear strategic path in research and development, breaking the dilemma of ordinary small and medium-sized high-tech enterprises closing their doors behind closed doors, adhering to the idea of combining independent innovation and integrating advanced technologies, creating an international first-class research and development platform, and bridging the advantages of different fields in various countries. Cooperate with top scientific research institutes and expert teams at home and abroad to accelerate the pace of technological innovation while always mastering the independent intellectual property rights of core technologies. At present, there are 12 full-time R & D personnel, 4 foreign experts, and more than 10 R & D consultants. It has more than 300 square meters of laboratory and GC, GCMS, camera function microscope and other experimental equipment, and obtained Shenzhen and national high-tech in 2014 Enterprise identification. As of 2016, Barry Powell has 6 international invention patents and 15 domestic invention patents, 5 of which have been authorized, the remaining 10 are in the trial stage, and 4 utility models have all been authorized; there are 92 registered trademarks Among them, 25 international trademarks have been authorized, 58 domestic authorizations have been authorized, and the remaining 9 are under review.