Shenzhen Bailebao Biological Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd.
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Shenzhen Bailebao Bio-Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Bailebao"), is a Bioglobal Limitd (Australian Bailebao Biotechnology Co., Ltd.) was registered in the National Biomedical Industrial Zone, Pingshan New District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, in March 2012. , A wholly-owned subsidiary with a registered capital of US $ 8.3 million. The approved business scope is: insect food attractant fragrance, insect-borne insect activity enhancer, insect pheromone products, pet care products, plant-derived organic inputs, mineral-sourced organic inputs, large-element water-soluble fertilizers, medium-element water-soluble Research and development, production and operation, wholesale, and import and export of fertilizers, trace element water-soluble fertilizers, organic water-soluble fertilizers, and soil conditioner products; development, wholesale, and import and export of insect traps and chemical synthetic pheromone products (not involving state-run trade management Commodities, involving quotas, license management and other special regulations to manage commodities, apply in accordance with relevant national regulations; wholesale of pesticides; technical consulting services for integrated prevention and control of agricultural pests and diseases (the above business scopes do not contain hazardous chemicals).

Bailebao established the “Shenzhen Bailebao Academician Workstation” together with the Chinese Academy of Engineering Wu Kongming team in 2018. In 2014 and 2017, it passed the national and Shenzhen high-tech enterprise certification for two consecutive sessions, and has been approved in 2016. Leading agricultural company in Shenzhen. In 2015, it won the top ten pesticide brand favorited by Chinese farmers. Pingshan New District was an innovative and entrepreneurial outstanding enterprise. It was approved to build a provincial engineering center. It is a modern agricultural biological breeding innovation in the strategic emerging industrial base gathering area of Shenzhen. The core unit in the base (Shenzhen National Agricultural Science and Technology Park).

Barry Bao became a member of the Association of Natural Biocontrol Producers, the International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association, and the Biopesticide Industry Alliance in 2014.

Barry Bao is committed to the research and development, manufacturing, and sales of agricultural pest control and soil fertilizer management solutions. The technology and products cover wheat, corn, cotton, peanut and other field crops, potato, tomato, cucumber, pepper, cabbage and other vegetable crops. Peach , Pears, apples and other fruit trees and tobacco, wolfberry, strawberry, jujube and other special economic crops, the market spreads across the United States, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina and other major agricultural countries. Technology promotion in China involves all provinces in mainland China except Tibet.

The company has established a first-class research and development technology platform to integrate global superior resources, and has independent intellectual property rights for all technologies and products. The research and development of core technologies are mainly focused on pheromones, including natural or synthetic insect pheromones, pheromones, altruins, etc., using the inherent links between organisms to change insect behavior, and using pure natural and green environmental protection measures to control pests .

Bailebao has a strong and extensive cooperation network. Including many top domestic and foreign research institutions and universities, such as Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, National Agricultural Technology Extension Service Center, Montana State University, Michigan State University, Greenwich University, Sugarcane Research Center in South Africa, International Atomic Energy Institutions, etc., aiming to be the world's leading leader in safe, high-quality agricultural inputs.